Executive Team

Yehoyada Mbangukira

Yehoyada Mbangukira


Most recently, USRCA Secretary-General since December 2017. His proudest moment was hosting the successful Rwanda Cultural Day in San Francisco in September 2016. Served as President of the California Rwandan Community from its inception in 2012 and later presided over the creation of the Southern California community.

Serves as a Territory Account Manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry specializing in Infectious Diseases, HIV. Holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and Management. Focusing on what is possible in any organization to optimize the resources. Human Resources, Wellness and Engagement, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and how best to allocate and utilize talents within an organization.

His passion and objectives in this new role are to preserve the gains the community at large has attained since the inception of the USRCA and assist in the reversal of the divisiveness that tried to seep into our community. Possesses a high tolerance for ambiguity, however, has no tolerance for deliberate sabotage of what is good nor a lack of desire to build sustainable institutions.

Together we shall build the Rwandan Community each Rwandan residing in the United States deserves and desires.

Leila Gaju Kabanda

Leila Gaju Kabanda

Vice President

My name is Leila Gaju Kabanda, Former Atlanta Rwandan Community President 2015-2018, served as Social Affair Commissioner with the current leadership until my position was changed to Mobilization Commissioner and I’m also the Vice President for the USRCA 2023-2025. I have worked and served my community for the last 10 years with beautiful people, my brothers and sisters. I believe that I have built a long-lasting relationship with my community and friends of Rwanda in Atlanta.

I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, Shema and Mariam.  They’re the reason I smile, I love, and wake up in the morning to thank the almighty Allah! They help in the community whenever there is a need, and they too are proud of their mother.

By profession, I worked in the banking sector for over 17 years, and I currently work as an Immigration Paralegal Liaison with a Non-Profit Organization. I love what I do and what I have done. I’m an Accountant/Finance by trade and I’m now pursing Law. Law is my passion.

Apollinaire Munyaneza

Apollinaire Munyaneza

Secretary General

Apollinaire Munyaneza was born and raised in Nyabihu district of the Western Province in Rwanda. A chemistry graduate from the University of Rwanda (1999) and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg/South Africa (2007), Apollinaire worked extensively in academia and research. Apollinaire and his family moved to Maine/USA in 2017 and have settled there since then.

Apollinaire Munyaneza has been a community leader for the past 10 years. The vice-president of RCA-Botswana 2012-2017, skills and knowledge transfer commissioner of RCA-Maine 2019-2021 and President of RCA-Maine 2021-2023.

He is delighted to contribute to the success of the USRCA larger community as its secretary general for the 2023-2025 term.


Sheba Rugege Hakiza

Sheba Rugege Hakiza


Sheba Rugege Hakiza holds a Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Public Health. She started her professional career specializing in international health and infectious diseases because she wanted to help cure the diseases plaguing the most vulnerable people around the world, especially in Africa.

Sheba is a dedicated and proud mother of three.

In pursuit of a more flexible professional career path for her family, she started a Financial Services Business in 2008 with her spouse. As a co-owner, she applies her vast experience and strategic acumen to provide invaluable financial guidance and support to clients. Through this venture, Sheba demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence, helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals with integrity and expertise.

Her passion for science, disease prevention, and helping others continued as her financial business thrived. She also works as a Clinical Manager leading project managers in global clinical trials researching cures for debilitating eye diseases.

Sheba is not only an experienced professional but also a compassionate community leader. She generously volunteers her time and expertise as the Treasurer of the USRCA and as a Commissioner for Trade and Investment for the DMV-RCA. She served on the Board of the American Friends of the Kigali Public Library that helped build the first public library in Kigali. Through these positions, she actively contributes to the betterment of her community, demonstrating a commitment to service and collaboration. While balancing her professional endeavors with her passion for community involvement with grace and determination, Sheba exemplifies the values of leadership, integrity, and compassion in all aspects of their life.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Marvin Karugarama

Marvin Karugarama

Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Marvin Karugarama was born and raised in Uganda and Rwanda and now resides in Indianapolis, USA. He is a professional engineer and community advocate with strong ties to the community.

Driven by a strong belief in the power of community, Marvin was a co-founder of the Indianapolis Rwandan Community Abroad organization in 2017 aimed at bringing together Rwandans in the greater Indianapolis area to build ties and foster exchange of ideas while supporting each other. Having served in various roles as a its public relations officer and vice president, he currently serves as President. His proudest moment was helping organize and host the 2018 Youth Convention. Marvin is also the current commissioner for Knowledge and Skills Transfer at the national level.

Professionally, Marvin is an electrical engineer with over a decade of experience and alum of Seattle University and Virginia Tech. He has specialized knowledge in electronics and automotive engineering as well as power systems engineering. A life-long learner, Marvin is also a university lecturer focusing on undergraduate electrical engineering courses.

Marvin is an avid soccer fan and occasional player. You’ll find him watching Arsenal games or playing in the local leagues. He also enjoys music, reading, and hiking.

Jeannine Imfura

Jeannine Imfura

Gender Commissioner

Jeanine has an academic background in healthcare and currently works as a Clinical Laboratory Technician at the University of Washington Medical Center (Laboratory Medicine and Pathology). She enjoys school and working on her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She moved to USA (Colorado) with her Husband in 2011 where they had their three little ones (Angel Shalom 11 years old, Holly Nethanya 9 years old and Patrick Asher 6 years old (Just blessed beyond).

Jeanine is one of few people who started the Rwandan Community of Colorado in 2019 and she held Gender and women commissioner position. Jeanine’s Family moved to Washington State (Seattle) in 2021 where she got elected as the Secretary General of Seattle Rwandan Community. This new role as Gender commissioner of USRCA is an additional opportunity/privilege to continue serving my community as we all work together for the best future of our community including the one in our Motherland and all over the world.

Imana idushoboze gukora neza mugihe cyacu!!

Eric Mazimpaka

Eric Mazimpaka

Youth and Culture

Eric Mazimpaka was born and raised in Rwanda. After high school, he went to Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management for Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, then continued at the School of Finance and Banking  Mburabuturo (SFB) where he graduated in accounting.

During his academic studies, he was a Volleyball player at National level since 1998. He played for different clubs such as APR, GVC, GSOB and KVC. He finished his volleyball career in 2012.

He moved to the USA in 2013, and successfully graduated with a master’s degree in science of accounting in Texas. He worked for different companies including Walmart, EXPO Logistics as Accountant and Billing Specialist, and as a Project Consultant in Construction Companies such as, CMT, PSI Intertek Austin, Alpha Testing Dallas. He currently works at CMJ DFW as a Project Manager in charge of Standards and Compliance.

Eric is a resident of DFW since 2013 and serves in the RCA-DFW executive committee as Youth and Sports Commissioner since 2022.

As part of his duties as a youth and sports commissioner, he organized sports events bringing together youth from different states like Texas and Maine. Eric also gathered youths from the USA and Canada where they competed in different sports in Montreal.

With the participation of parents, Eric is putting together young Rwandans U18 playing different sports to connect them with respective sports federations in Rwanda. In the year 2022, three children U16 from Texas went to play for Rwanda Basketball National Team.

Eric is looking forward to working with anyone who has the same goals of being there for Rwandans.

Jacques Nyungura

Jacques Nyungura

Mobilization commissioner

Intore Jacques Nyungura was born on May 12th, 1975, in Bujumbura, Burundi. Nyungura commenced his dance journey at the age of 5. His inaugural performance took place at the Odeon Palace in Bujumbura when he was 8.

From 1981 to 1993, Nyungura pursued his primary and high school education in Bujumbura. In 1993, he decided to join the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) to liberate his country from the Genocidal regime.

Jacques continued his artistic pursuits as both a drummer and dancer in the Indahemuka Cultural Troupe.

In 1999, Nyungura earned a coveted spot in the Imparage/Urukerereza (Rwandan National Ballet) and embarked on a six-month European tour with the esteemed group.

His talents further unfolded in 2000 when he toured as a dancer with the Ingeli group, also taking on the role of choreographer.

In 2003, Nyungura was invited to organize a troupe in South Africa for the Kora Award ceremony.

The tour with the Ingeli group from 2004-2007, where Nyungura served as the lead choreographer, marked significant milestones, including performances at the World Culture Open in New York (2004), the World Folk Dance Festival in Mallorca, Spain (2005), and the Agrigento Almond Festival in Sicily (2006). Throughout this period, Nyungura had the honor of showcasing his talents for notable figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Chris Tucker, and Angela Bassett.

Since 2007, Jacques Nyungura has graced various festivals, conferences, and universities worldwide, preserving Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage through dance, traditional instruments like Inanga, Umuduri, Amakondera, singing, and drumming.

In 2018, Nyungura delighted Arsenal FC in London with the Intore Dance, a traditional Rwandan warrior’s dance.

His passion for sharing Rwandan traditions globally led him to contribute to the Joy Dance movie.

With a deep love for the art of dancing and a profound connection to his country, Nyungura continues to pursue his passion, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.