Warm welcome at USRCA  

I bring you warm greetings from the USRCA. As we begin a new journey and a two-year mandate, the USRCA Executive Team is committed to shaping a new destiny building on our predecessors’ work. Our determination, resolve, and zeal has never been more important.  We call on all Rwandans to join us in reimagining how we can be change makers and assume the responsibility and honor to play roles in Rwanda’s continued transformation.

Our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan will be built on strong pillars that include Domestic Policy that is centered towards professionalizing our way of business and building strong foundations for our local RCA chapters around the United States.

Our Vision

The United States Rwandan Community Abroad vision seeks to capitalize on the opportunities that empower Rwandans in the United States of America to fully tap into the aspirations and strong networks that are tailored towards their contribution to Rwanda’s Social and Economic Development.


We are a Community with a rich culture, common Identity and a dignified people whose future is tied in the same garment of destiny and a network of people whose zeal and determination is fueled by the potential that we see in contributing towards Rwanda’s Economic Productivity through Innovation, a Knowledge-based Economy and attracting Investments and Tourism into Rwanda.

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